Me and my fandoms.

So lots things I love have the most annoying fandoms ever created. I’m going to list my fandoms and why I hate them most times because people on tumblr are pissing me off.

American Horror Story: I love the show. It’s fantastic. I love Tate Langdon so much, don’t get me wrong. But when I see girls saying stuff like “I don’t think it was really Tate who killed all those people he’s just so cute and nice! Look at him and violate!” I actually want to scream. Tate is a sweet psycho character FOR A REASON. “the devil is beautiful” remember that quote from the show? He is not a sweet little innocent puppy guys. He murders people. But I like what the creators of the show did with his character, making him seem all nice but really be a terrible person.

Skins: everyone shut up about hating the 3rd generation. And all of you who say you are effy in real life, shut up too. That’s it really.

One Direction: One direction is a huge part of my life and I am super dedicated to the boys, but these “directioner vs directionator” and “real fans vs fake fans” fights are pissing me off beyond belief. I’ll admit, I hate it when girls only like one of the guys and trash the others, but JUST LET IT GO. Calm down now everyone.

Misfits: perfection. The fandom isn’t really too annoying. Everyone complains about missing Nathan but get over it we have Rudy now.

Nerdfighteria: problems? none. But I miss the monday, wednesday, friday vlogs. Tuesday and friday are not enough, even with crashcourse and scishow.

Vampire diaries: I’m refusing to even look at the vampire diaries tag until I’m all caught up with the episodes so right now nothing. But im sure ill find something to rant about eventually.

The office and parks and rec: never been any problems and there never will be.

And that’s really it for now, I could talk about the Hunger Games and Harry Potter, but I’ve kinda become less fangirl, more love from afar with them. But Peeta is superior to gale.

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